Diahelo Properties is a property development company that develops and holds property assets. The company has a service arm, which is in the field of Town and Regional Planning, for all town and regional planning services. The company is a registered 100% Black owned entity lead by a female Historically Disadvantaged. It is supported by skilled, dedicated and qualified professionals, and has strategic alliances with the experienced professionals and companies in Planning and Property Industries.

Our Team

Maneo Thelejane (Managing Director)

Maneo Thelejane is a Professional Registered Town and Regional Planner with South African Council for Town and Regional Planners (Pr No A/1127/1999)

She has gained vast experience in town planning and property development at both Provincial and local government level. She was an Executive manager responsible for Town Planning, Property Development, Housing and Economic Development at a municipality in the West Rand of Gauteng Province.

Nkare Thelejane (Director - Operations)

Nkare Thelejane holds an honours degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Hertfordshire United Kingdom and is a registered member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers in South Africa and the United Kingdom. On completing this degree, Nkare held various positions in the Transport and Automotive Engineering sector where he honed his technical and project management skills. Furthermore, this work experience, together with academic and practical training, has allowed Nkare to develop critical thinking and quantitative analytical skills.

After 10 years of working Nkare pursued and completed a Masters degree in Business Administration at the University of Cape Town, which provided him with a better understanding of business dynamics and business modelling. This led to Nkare taking up a Business and Property Development Management role at a leading retail supermarket chain. Amongst the various responsibilities this role dictated, the main function was to assess markets and develop business strategies for entry.

Most recently, Nkare invested and managed a General Merchandise retail chain in Lesotho. Where he was responsible for the creation and implementation of the expansion program. And, on the sale of the retail chain in 2014, Nkare joined Diahelo Properties as Operations Director.